Katy Perry won’t have sex until wedding night
Date Posted: October 19, 2010 - 11:45 pm by: Paris

Well this is gonna suck balls. Apparently, Katy Perry isn’t as fun as her titties make her look bcause it turns out she’s one of those bridezillas who loves imposing shit before the wedding. In this case, she’s not letting her sex-addict fiance Russel Brand stick his hairy peen in her mud pie until their wedding night. Via Sunday Mirror:

“Katy wants everything to be special for their wedding, including the first night. The sex ban was definitely her idea. “Russell has reluctantly agreed, and they are sure it will be worth it after they have tied the knot.” The couple are reportedly heading to India later this month to wed in a traditional Hindu ceremony.”

You gotta love how she slapped him with a no-sex rule, trying her best to look like a Catholic when a. she’s going to have a Hindu wedding anyway and b. she’s not a damn virgin anymore. I mean if Katy Perry’s ass doesn’t want Russel Brand anymore all she has to do is to tell it to his face. Not put the poor guy in a bait he’ll obviously fall into. We’re talking about a guy who eats punani three times a day plus midnight snack and everytime with his coffee, ofcourse he’ll stick his wang into another girl’s punani that’s not Katy Perry’s.

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