Kim Kardashian is hooking up with John Mayer
Date Posted: October 21, 2010 - 12:18 am by: Paris

Guess the name of this singer who’s reportedly hooking up with the Armenian goddess just recently? Hint: He’s not black! Oh you might think it’s a pretty random match but when you think about it, it’s a match made in high hell actually. John Mayer’s white supremacist balls has been hooking up with Kim Kardashian’s ass! Via Page Six:

“One source said, “They brought along other friends, but the idea was to see if they would hit it off.” Kim’s made it clear she’s on the hunt for a new man in New York. But Mayer wasn’t amused when we reported they were seen chatting in the lobby of Sirius XM last December.”

Well, ain’t this just great. Two of the world’s worst attentionwhores passing STDs back and forth. I’d say if things get serious between these two twats, it’d be one fuckin’ Twitter nightmare. Imagine 5,000 Twitter tweets daily and most likely another sextape where we see Mayer gets sucked by the supermasive blackhole known as Kim’s ass.

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