LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are engaged
Date Posted: November 4, 2010 - 11:38 pm by: Paris

Because a husband stealer like LeAnn Rimes respects the sanctity of marriage, reports are saying the blonde hoe is now engaged with her actor boyfriend Eddie Cibrian. Damn, the punani must be THAT great! Via E! NEws:

“Though it didn’t happen on Halloween, the recently divorced actor indeed popped the question recently and the duo are engaged, a source tells E! News. So no wonder Brandi Glanville wants to have a civil sit-down with her kids’ future stepmom…” Glanville, who has two children with Cibrian, told E! News today that she planned to meet with her sworn enemy pal-in-the-making next week.”

Apparently, Douchebag Cibrian’s ex wife is queefing that she’s planning to meet up with LeAnn Rimes’ homewrecker ass to who know why and I’m also not sure if the police are going to be in the wings when this shit happens. I don’t know Brandi personally but if she and I have the same IQ level, I’d slap the squinty out of LeAnn’s eyes to set the bitch straight. Just sayin’!

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