Kim Kardashian pwned Sarah Palin on People cover
Date Posted: November 18, 2010 - 1:16 am by: Paris

The Governer of Alaska, Sarah Palin, was supposed to be on the cover of PEOPLE magazine but reports say Kim Kardashian snagged the cover despite the photographer’s efforts on Sarah Palin’s photoshoot and the fact that the Governer hottie was on the mag to promote her show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Via Blemish:

“Palin had been penciled in as a possible cover with an exclusive interview to promote her TLC show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” “Kim didn’t know she was going to be the cover this week,” a source said. “She only did the interview at an event with the magazine just days earlier.” Palin’s six-page spread was photographed by Michael O’Neill, who flew up to Alaska, while Kardashian’s pictures were pick-ups.”

I was gonna suggest maybe they could put the two girls on the cover, since they’re both pretty hot anyway but then I realized that probably won’t work since Kim Kardashian’s ass is just gonna eat up Sarah Palin’s space. I don’t think there’s a tool created in Photoshop for that ass.

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