Hulk Hogan marries his daughter’s clone
Date Posted: November 26, 2010 - 12:01 am by: Paris

Well, shit just got creepier–Hulk Hogan married a clone of her daughter Brooke Hogan, or so he suggested on his Twitter page yesterday. It’s been a few years since hs divorce from Linda Hogan but I can tell it pretty much left some great damage to this guy’s head! Via St. Petersburg Times:

“It’s entirely possible that Hulk Hogan married Jennifer McDaniel over the weekend, given his Twitter proclivities and the fact they just got a marriage license a little while ago. “Sitting outside with my dogs and new awesome Mrs Hogan. the waves are crashing and life is beautiful. only positive vibes. like attracts like HH” Hogan wrote Saturday on his Twitter account, @HulkHogan4Real.”

Dayum. Can you imagine what it’s like in the couple’s bedroom? That would totally suck if he accidentally calls his new wife by her daughter’s name what with the creepy resemblance. But who’s to say that shit didn’t already happen? Wait–let me start all over again!

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