Khloe Kardashian lost her virginity at 14
Date Posted: November 30, 2010 - 10:21 pm by: Paris

Who wants to know how Khloe Kardashian and that time someone popped her cherry? No I know you don’t want any of this but sit your ass down unless you have something useful to do. Didn’t think so! Well the monster of the Kardashian bunch went to The View to talk about her lost virginity and said it wasn’t a Yeti who devirginized her, but a way older guy, adding she did it just to be cool and not kicked out of the loop. Via Radar:

“I feel like I was almost conned, well not conned, but persuaded, because he was older and I felt I wouldn’t be accepted or cool or whatever.

“Then I do remember when I was done, I felt, after two months of secretly dating this guy, I felt so disgusted with myself. I stopped talking to him and actually didn’t have sex for three years after that because I knew I was young and I knew I wasn’t ready.”

I loved the fact that she said she was conned into having sex like that wasn’t at the top of her to-do list before turning sweet sixteen. I bet the one who felt conned was the guy who thought it was Kim Kardashian’s ass he was banging after she put on a disguise to lure him.

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