Lindsay Lohan hates paparazzi, files restraining order
Date Posted: November 30, 2010 - 10:25 pm by: Paris

Lindsay Lohan is pissed off at the paps for making her life miserable everyday so she decided to slap each one of those scraggly bitches a lawsuit and a restraining order after they put her driving privilege in the gutter. Sources say that when whe was scheduled to get her keys, Betty Ford halted the idea and told her it’s too risky for her safety what with the paps always at her tail. Via TMZ:

But sources involved in the decision tell TMZ … just when Lindsay was supposed the get the keys, Betty Ford decided it was too much of a safety risk to put Lindsay behind the wheel, because the paparazzi were creating an unsafe driving situation.

We’re told Lindsay emailed her lawyer this weekend — with pictures attached showing the paps following her — asking the attorney to go to court for the restraining order.

In other news, Redbull and Coke just field a restraining order from Lindsay Lohan’s ass for abusing them on a regular basis.

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