Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye’s child
Date Posted: December 7, 2010 - 12:43 am by: Paris

Now this has got the be the shit news of the century. Apparently, some nosy sources are saying that Kim Kardashian is knocked up with Kanye West’s child! Oh no he di’int! Well yes he did, according to a close friend of the Kardashians. Via

And now, according to the insider, she suspects that Kim Kardashian is PREGNANT. The insider explains, “Kim is being very secretive about everything. She calls [Kanye] almost non-stop and wants to know what she should do.” The insider reportedly OVERHEARD the conversation between Kanye and Kim, with her OWN EARS. So when can we expect an announcement.’s snitch explained, “Knowing Kim, she’ll coincide it with her show, in one episode her and Kanye go out on a date.”

Well I highly doubt this story is genuine coz of the simple reason that Kanye would rather take a dildo up his butthole than put his mini peen in Kim Kardashian’s ass. But if this fuckery happens to be true, I suggest a priest should be standing by the ER ready to perform an exorcism.

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