Gisele Bundchen bikini with baby pics
Date Posted: April 8, 2009 - 12:25 am by: coffeeboy

Still staking her claim over someone else’s baby, Gisele Bundchen and Co. spent some time under the sun at a beach recently, toddler in tow. It kinda makes me feel a little wierd that after the creepy statements she made about being a real mother to husband Tom Brady and ex-wife Bridget Moynahan’s son and practically claiming him as her own, that she would still bring the kid everywhere she goes. And somehow always makes sure that photographers are around to document the familial exploits. With the way people are looking at the supermodel, I’d rethink the whole shoving-myself-in-a-child’s-life-to-make-me-seem-more-maternal schtick if I were her.

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