Lisa Rinna in Playboy. Aw, hell no!
Date Posted: April 15, 2009 - 11:30 pm by: coffeeboy

Attention-hungry MILF (to some people) Lisa Rinna is still doing her best to make her seem relevant by doing a last-ditch attempt at stepping back into the spotlight. Posing for Playboy. Yup, the fish-lipped, cock-eye breasted aging relic is peddling her wares for the flesh mag to earn some exposure and maybe move her up from the F-list to at least the D-list. She’s still trying against all odds to get her butt back into the reworked version of Melrose Place set to premiere in the fall despite the fact that not a lot of people even liked her the first time she was on the show. So baring her bod will get her places? Sure. Worked for Aubrey O’Day. Or maybe not…

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