Date Posted: October 5, 2010 - 2:23 am by: Paris
Categories: Bret Michaels

Rock of Love Bus star Bret Michaels took a break from licking his fake-tittied whores’ assholes to pose on the cover of BIllboard’s latest issue and despite that it looks like someone just copied and pasted his face on some model’s body, he’s still insisting it’s him, just a result of some light touching or some shit like that. Via E!:

“I said, ‘Listen, I have two requests—good lighting and a warm room. That’s all I’m asking for,’” Michaels tells me. “If I’m walking out with it all f**king hanging out there for the world to see then, well, I need good lighting and a warm room.”

And some sit-ups! “I didn’t eat for a day and I did about 2,000 sit-ups.”

Well apparently this guy clearly knows a thing or two about photoshop. He knows what kind of lighting and tweaks to use to remove his flabs. The Photoshop fuckers was doing an alright job except for his asshole they misplaced as his belly button.

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