Date Posted: November 26, 2010 - 12:22 am by: Paris
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I know you guys have probably heard of the tale of Charlie Sheen, his stolen thousand-dollar watch and kleptomaniac hooker. Well here’s an update: The hooker, Capri Anderson, is not pushing through with her lawsuit anymore. She was suing Charlie’s ass for terrorizing her and threatening to kill her while she locked herself in the bathroom as she called the cops. When cops came they saw Charlie dozed-off broke-off his ass on the floor. A few days later, Sheen sued her for stealing his $165,000 Patek Philippe watch while Capri is suing him for not paying her $20,000 for her services that night. Did I lose you or something? I know, this is just a bunch of ho hum everyday Hollywood thing I don’t even know why I even bother telling you guys. Here’s the update via CNN:

“Walsh admitted to several people that she had in fact stolen a very expensive watch from Sheen, and that she had given the watch to a friend to hold,” the suit said. It was the disappearance of the Patek Philippe watch from Sheen’s hotel room that caused their evening to go bad last month, according to Sheen’s petition. “Sheen asked Walsh to return the watch, and when Walsh refused and falsely denied that she had taken the watch, Sheen became extremely upset,” the suit said. “Walsh then locked herself in the bathroom of the hotel room and refused to come out.” The lawsuit says that “At no time did Sheen assault, batter or threaten Walsh.”

Well there are two lessons to be learned from this story. 1, never trust a hooker and 2, haven’t you bitches learned not to mess with Charlie fucking Sheen?? Yeah, the same guy who ‘accidentally’ shot her ex-wife Kelly Preston in the leg. I’m just sayin’!

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