Date Posted: August 11, 2010 - 12:43 am by: Paris
Categories: Fantasia Barrino

Remember that American Idol ebony chick named Fantasia Barrino who’s getting sued by his married boyfriend’s wife after finding out her husband has been sexing her in the down low and what’s worse is that she claims to have a copy of their sextapes? Well it looks like Fantasia couldn’t handle the embarrassment because she’s reportedly rushed in the hospital last night after getting her ass overdosed from Aspirin and a sleeping pill.

Her rep is saying she didn’t do it on purpose but bitch’s got good timing huh? Anyway more from the rep. He’s also saying that Fantasia knew nothing that the dick she was humping was a married one and that she is heartbroken and all kinds of sowwy for any pain she has caused. The rep also got deep saying, “Fantasia is a fighter and a survivor. This is not the hardest thing Fantasia has endured.” Aha! So there are other ‘hard’ things Fantasia is enduring on the side huh? Would it be too over-reaching if I ask whose hard thing?

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