Date Posted: November 12, 2008 - 12:58 am by: Bashcab
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Here is proof that Madonna has gone absolutely crazy.  Check out the list of impossible rules that she wants Guy Ritchie to follow during his reunion with their kids, courtesy of The Daily Mail.  Now we all know that Madonna thinks the whole world revolves around her.  I mean, damn, don’t let the kids wear clothes with man-made fibers?  Or let them play with toys that are spiritually or ethically unsound?  And apparently, Madonna doesn’t want the kids to watch anything on the TV or read anything except the English Rose books that she wrote herself.  No wonder the kids were so happy when they were photographed with their dad.  Uh-oh, that’s breaking the rules Guy.  Prepare to face the wrath of Madonna.

And excuse me for saying this, but isn’t she the same Madonna that no more than 15 years ago was sucking c*ck and running around naked in front of the camera?  When the hell did she become so uptight?  Oh well, at least we still have the Madonna porn pics to reminisce about right here.

Date Posted: October 30, 2008 - 12:01 am by: Bashcab
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Since the couple went public and exchanged verbal barbs against each other, we’ve been getting a lot of reports detailing the hellish marriage that their union has become.  Sources said that Madonna has written a contract detailing marriage rules after the couple saw marriage counselors two years ago.  According to The Sun UK:

“The document detailed how many dates the couple should go on and how often they should have sex.  It stated that Guy had to “work to enrich his wife’s emotional and spiritual well-being” and ordered hom to devote several hours a week to reading Kabbalah texts with Madge.
It even had instructions on what words Guy should use during rows “to resolve conflicts in a constructive way.”
Guy, 40, was instructed never to shout at Madge, 50, but instead look her in the eye and say “I understand that my actions have upset you, please work with me to resolve this.”
The marriage rules said both parties must “devote time to our sexual expressiveness” and “not use sex as a stick to beat one another.”
Sources said Madonna pinned the contract up in their New York home after they saw marriage counselors two years ago, and would just say to her husband, “Contract, Guy, contract” if he broke the rules.”

WTF?!  The rules look like they were written for someone with serious psychological issues.  Looking at Madonna and reading up on some of the latest scoop on her, I’m not surprised to find out about this.  Those lucky marriage counselors probably made a ton of money telling the couple this load of bull****.

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