Date Posted: September 14, 2010 - 1:29 am by: Paris
Categories: Ines Sainz

Take one good look at that ass and tell me you won’t holler like a rabid leopard seal in mating season. Mexican reporter Ines Sainz’ ass is like that homemade apple pie your grandma used to pull out of the oven and then tells you not to touch it ‘coz it’s freakin hot! The New York Jets seem to think so too and acted upon their male emotions with the use of verbal words in man language e.g hoots and hollers when they caught sight upon Ines’ World Wonder of an ass last Sunday in the team’s locker room.

Now that all’s been said and done, The New York Jets along with their head coach Rex Ryan are reportedly being investigated for unpsortsman like conduct after Sainz posted a picture of said ass on Twitter claminig she was not inappropriately dressed. While I am against sexual harassment of all kind, not including humping my dog’s stuffed teddy at night, allow me to play Sherlock Holmes on this one. First or all, what the hell is this hot piece of ass doing in the team’s locker room? Second, did she expect them to greet her on their knees and give her hand kisses? They’re freakin’ jocks for crying out loud, not the Vatican bishops.

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