Date Posted: November 4, 2008 - 4:46 am by: Bashcab
Categories: Katie Price, Peter Andre

The couple, who were allegedly having marital troubles, were spotted doing what they both liked: shopping.  Busty glamour model Katie Price was looking normal and I must confess, pretty hot, in the pictures.  I guess she got a good night’s sleep this time.  Halloween is over (and we all know that’s definitely Katie’s night), but Katie’s looking good.  No hangover and no slutty makeup seem like a good combination for this voluptuous celeb.  Her husband still looks gay though.

Despite rumors of an impending breakup after the couple was seen partying at separate clubs on the same night, they look pretty cozy with each other and even ate each other’s faces for the benefit of the photographers.  Anyway, gimmick or not, check out Katie and her humongous jugs in the gallery below.

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Date Posted: October 24, 2008 - 2:51 am by: Bashcab
Categories: Katie Price, Peter Andre

Busty British celebrity Katie Price (AKA Jordan) was spotted stumbling and weaving her way out of a London club without husband Peter Andre.  The voluptuous celeb had to be helped out by her companions as she exited the club.  She put on her slutty leotard, panties and fishnets for her usual wild partying.  Check out the pics and you’ll see she got right into her character that night.  Whenever Katie gets drunk while partying, expect classy pictures like the ones you’re about to see.

Peter Andre was seen on the same evening partying hard in a different night club in London.  While Katie gulped down champagne and flirted with a gang of male admirers at Movida, Peter was seen at Mahiki without his wedding ring on his finger.

Back in the day, seeing Katie drunk was a great opportunity to get in some NSFW material.  But now, after all the surgeries and partying, she looks just like a cheap whore with tons of makeup and leathery skin.