Date Posted: October 2, 2010 - 1:04 am by: Paris
Categories: Ryan Philippe

Ryan, man…when will you learn? Ryan Philippe was caught red-handed by her latest girlfriend, some actress named Alexis Knapp, locking lips with some hot chick at his 36th birthday party at one of his pal’s bachelor’s pad in Hollywood Hills. Poor guy can’t control his wang from coming out of his pants all the time. Via National Enquirer:

“The party got off to a bad start for Alexis, who hated that “Jersey Shore” star Snooki was parading around in a bikini, rubbing up against all the guys. Later, irritated when she couldn’t find Phillippe, Alexis started searching, opened the door to a back bedroom – and exploded when she discovered him hot-and-heavy with another girl!

“Alexis went ballistic,” said an eyewitness. “She started screaming, calling them names. She got so hysterical, two friends had to haul her out and take her home.”

It must suck to be Ryan Philippe’s main poontang but you gotta be stupid to think he’s gonna stick to one when his track record of monogamy are all red marks. Besides, what do you expect from a dude who still looks like he’s in college. As long as his looks can get away with it, he’ll always be Mr. Poon Hound.

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