Date Posted: May 30, 2009 - 12:01 pm by: coffeeboy
Categories: Jennifer Hawkins

After winning the Miss Universe title in 2004, Australian representative Jennifer Hawkins has gone on to bigger and better things. Being described by pageant co-owner Donald Trump as the “the most beautiful Miss Universe I have seen in many, many years”, she’s now the face and spokeswoman of Australian department chain Myer. Kinda like America’s Saks Fifth Avenue. And now, four years after winning the title, she’s heating up young (and not-so-young) men’s libidos by posing for a popular Aussie lingerie line. I’m thinking she should get some kind of re-crowning ceremony because she’s kept her pageant-worthy hot body fine after all these years.

See all the sexy lingerie pics here!

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Date Posted: May 30, 2009 - 7:31 am by: coffeeboy
Categories: Elizabeth Hurley

My continuing attempt to post every celebrity every photographed by the amazing photographer Ellen Von Unwerth continues with this classic shoot she did with model/actress/MILF Elizabeth Hurley. In it, Liz takes on many personas, from the naughty girl to the space-age vixen. Goes to show that a great photographer and an amazing model could make works of art.

See the pics of the hot shoot here!

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Date Posted: May 29, 2009 - 12:45 am by: coffeeboy
Categories: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Looking svelte-ly preggers, Sarah Michelle Gellar goes shopping at Diane Von Furstenberg for some maternity wear. No, Diane doesn’t make maternity clothes, but her soft, flowy dresses seem perfect for pregnant women. She still hasn’t commented on the rumored film revamp of her former hit series Buffy The Vampire Slayer or about the changes they will make since she’s still busy with her upcoming HBO series The Wonderful Maladys coming out in the fall. Looks like she’ll have her hands busy in the next few months, especially after her baby arrives. Thank God husband Freddie Prinze Jr. will have a chance to bring home the bacon when that happens as he just got cast in the next season of 24.

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Date Posted: May 29, 2009 - 12:04 am by: coffeeboy
Categories: Ashley Tisdale

Looking like the first pages of a Nuts Magazine shoot, Ashley Tisdale dons some pink panties and a tank top to enhance her sexiness in this ultra-hot photoshoot. She’s promoting her new album that comes out very soon, and if these pictures don’t make you go out and buy them, I don’t know what will. Her new movie, They Came from Upstairs has gotten a new title and playdate. The new title is Aliens In The Attic and was sceduled for release last February and is now coming out end of July. Judging from the trailer, it looks pretty standard kiddie fare. A far cry from the market she’s trying to capture in these pics.

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Date Posted: May 28, 2009 - 11:32 pm by: coffeeboy
Categories: Eva Herzigova

The Unwerth scores another sexy hit photoshoot featuring supermodel Eva Herzegova. Here they are trying to capture the spirit and spunk of vintage pin-up model Bettie Page and, im my opinion, suceeds admirably. There’s always something inherently hot about Ellen’s photos, and this one is no different. She could take pictures of empty coke bottles and still make them look sexy. I wonder if it’ll work on Rosie O’ Donnel…

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Date Posted: May 28, 2009 - 10:52 pm by: coffeeboy
Categories: Christina Aguilera

It’s always a treat to see celebs not wearing make-up. Here is perennial face-painter Christina Aguilera who looks surprisingly fresh-faced even without the facial accoutrements. Although, I’m not sure if it’s the cap covering her head, but she doesn’t seem to have any eyebrows. I hope she does have them, otherwise she looks like a patient undergoing chemo. Put down the tweezers girl and let them grow out for once, you’d look a whole lot better.

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Date Posted: May 28, 2009 - 10:32 pm by: coffeeboy
Categories: Jennifer Lopez

You know the old adage: Once you’re big in Japan, you know you’re career is over. Just look at the many one-time celebs who have done commercials, albums, and movies in the land of the rising sun. So it’s no surprise that former superstar Jennifer Lopez covers Harper’s Bazaar Japan edition because, lets face it, the once omnipresent diva has pretty much gotten a rotten reputation with magazines, designers, and pretty much everyone in entertainment. Remember that whole Louis Vuitton debacle? Goes to show that you can take the girl out of the Bronx… I won’t be surprised if she releases an album there sometime soon.

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Date Posted: May 28, 2009 - 1:29 am by: coffeeboy
Categories: Cameron Diaz

You know that summer is officially here when the stars start populating the beach. It seems like I’ve been posting candid bikini and beach pics of stars for the past two weeks now. Throwing her two-pice into the bunch is Charlie’s Angels star Cameron Diaz who’s got a new movie coming out so maybe this is her way of creating buzz for the film. Unfortunately for her, My Sister’s Keeper seems like anything but a box-office draw. Cameron Diaz in a weepy drama? No thanks. No amount of bikini-wearing will make me see that major downer.

All the sexy Cameron bikini pics are here!

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Date Posted: May 28, 2009 - 12:55 am by: coffeeboy
Categories: Vanessa Hudgens

Fresh-faced and fully-clothed High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens is prepping for a photoshoot for the cleansing brand Neutrogena, and she looks stunning as usual. I don’t know how much photoshop will be used for the actual ad, but judging from these behind-the-scenes photos, I’m thinking not much. The trailer for her new film Bandslam has already been making the rounds on the ‘net, and if you’re hoping for the same cheery lighthearted Gabriella from the HSM movies, you might be surprised to find an acerbic, moody and sarcastic Vanessa in the movie. I won’t go as far as saying she’s got range, but it’s nice not to see any Gabriella in her new character. Check it out for yourself.

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Date Posted: May 28, 2009 - 12:26 am by: coffeeboy
Categories: Kendra Wilkinson

Here is former Girl Next Door and Playmate Kendra Wilkinson hawking her new reality show on E! Warsaw. Two things come to mind: first, wasn’t it announced just a couple of months ago that she’d be doing a reality show after leaving The Girls Next Door? It only takes that short a time to put a series together? With that kind of fast-tracking, you can be pretty sure this show is gonna suck. Unless she’s naked in it. All the time. While having sex. On camera. Then I’d watch it. Second thing: There’s a Warsaw branch of E! networks?

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