Date Posted: June 29, 2009 - 11:35 pm by: coffeeboy
Categories: Isabel Lucas

She almost stole the spotlight from Megan Fox in the Transformers sequel with her role as a mysterious sex vixen who seduces Shia’s character (I said almost – but not quite), but Isabel Lucas is well on her way to becoming one of Hollywood’s hottest up-and-coming sex symbols. One look at these sexy beach pics will tell you that. The Australian actress who made her debut in the series Home and Away will next be seen in Daybreakers with Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe, where she’ll be a brunette, strangely making her a dead-ringer for Kristen Stewart. Guess we’ll have to keep a close eye on this stunner.

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Date Posted: March 29, 2009 - 7:00 am by: coffeeboy
Categories: Dichen Lachman

She’s got a Tibetan mother and Australian father, which accounts for the exotic look of this week’s Sunday Babe Dichen Lachman. Yes, she’s the one playing Sierra on TV’s Dollhouse, but Australian audiences know her from the soap opera Neighbors. She moved to Australia from Nepal and landed on the long-running soap. In 2007 she moved to L.A. where after a few small jobs landed on Dollhouse. Her one-of-a-kind features make her very unforgettable, something very important when you wanna stand out in Hollywood. Something tells me she’s got no problem doing that.

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