Date Posted: August 11, 2010 - 1:06 am by: Paris
Categories: Megan Fox

I don’t know how anyone could get to be this selfish. I can’t believe that for two years, someone sat on a tape that shows Megan Fox pussy…well, almost pussy peek. It actually shows the ex-Transformers star’s sweet bush. It happened back in 2008 at an FHM lingerie shoot.

I’ve got the pics and since I am a kind master, Im gonna go ahead and post all the shit I’ve got of the said photoshoot just incase you motherfuckers need more wanking material for your day. Here’s Megan Fox ‘s ultimate hotness in sexy boner-inducing lingerie while flaunting her body and throwing her pubic area out there. This, of all shit, shouldn’t be locked in anyone’s attic darnit!

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