Date Posted: December 17, 2010 - 12:23 am by: Paris
Categories: Demi Lovato

Remember that chick who popped a snitch’s face? Yeah, that Disney chick who’s currently marinating her ass in rehab. This Demi Lovato slut just got racey pics of her leaked in Twitter and it shows her in some softcore lesbian shit! Holy Shiznit! These pics are speaking directly to my weiner!

It seems like she’s gotten ahold of The Kim Kardashian handbook to famewhoring and bitch is doing it right! Here’s the rest of Demi Lovato’s tits getting eye fucked and licked by these lesbian chicks. Now I know why Joe Jonas quit her ass.

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Date Posted: December 16, 2010 - 12:55 am by: Paris
Categories: Miley Cyrus

Former childstar Melissa Gibert is weighing in on the Miley Cyrus bong tape and the now grown-up star is saying Miley is nothing but a hillbilly attention whore who’s got daddy issues. Well,not exactly…but that’s what it sounded like! Via PopEater:

“How high do you have to be to let a friend film you? I think she wanted to get caught.” The former star of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and spokeswoman for The Partnership at thinks Cyrus is being too reckless after smoking salvia … or whatever it was that got her so loopy that night. “That’s bulls***!” Gilbert said. “I think it was marijuana.”

You know, honestly, I think we’ve already established that Miley Cyrus ass is an attention whore way back when she leaked her own semi-naked pics? Besides, who the heck cares if she did it to get caught. It’s Miley Fuckin’ Cyrus. The bitch can practically do anything and Billy Ray Cyrus would just look the other way.

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Date Posted: December 13, 2010 - 2:04 am by: Paris
Categories: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus caught in a bong scandal! I know, I’m not even gonna ask why you’re not looking suprised ‘coz this shit is inevitable. What I’m surprised about is that in the video you can find at TMZ, she didn’t strip her clothes off or showed some Miley Cyrus punani. That, I was pretty disappointed about. Via TMZ:

“The video was shot during a party at Miley’s L.A. area home 5 days after her 18th birthday. According to a source connected with Miley … the smoke filling the bong is a natural herb called salvia which has psychedelic qualities. Possession of salvia is legal in California. As for the video … the source tells us it was shot by one of Miley’s friends —  and the theory is someone stole or copied the video from that friend’s camera.”

Salvia? Wow, this hoe couldn’t even be more redneck! Ohh Miley, I see you doing big things in the near future. Mainly marinating your ass behind bars and going to rehabs and flashing your panty-less crotch to the paps. Big things!

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Date Posted: December 10, 2010 - 2:14 am by: Paris
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Remember the Christina Aguilera pics that were leaked earlier this week? Some of you doubted it was her well boo ya motherfuckers, it is her! Not like I really care but arguments like this about almost naked chicks over a beer are what makes the rest of my weekend so listen up! Via Celebslam:

“The photos of Christina Aguilera being leaked to the press were illegally obtained by a hacker who tapped into Christina’s personal stylist’s account. The photos were taken in the privacy of Ms. Aguilera’s home and were used only in a personal exchange between the star and her stylist.”

So wait, she fucked her stylist too?? Dayum. What below-average nobody does she not fuck?

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Date Posted: November 26, 2010 - 12:22 am by: Paris
Categories: Capri Anderson

I know you guys have probably heard of the tale of Charlie Sheen, his stolen thousand-dollar watch and kleptomaniac hooker. Well here’s an update: The hooker, Capri Anderson, is not pushing through with her lawsuit anymore. She was suing Charlie’s ass for terrorizing her and threatening to kill her while she locked herself in the bathroom as she called the cops. When cops came they saw Charlie dozed-off broke-off his ass on the floor. A few days later, Sheen sued her for stealing his $165,000 Patek Philippe watch while Capri is suing him for not paying her $20,000 for her services that night. Did I lose you or something? I know, this is just a bunch of ho hum everyday Hollywood thing I don’t even know why I even bother telling you guys. Here’s the update via CNN:

“Walsh admitted to several people that she had in fact stolen a very expensive watch from Sheen, and that she had given the watch to a friend to hold,” the suit said. It was the disappearance of the Patek Philippe watch from Sheen’s hotel room that caused their evening to go bad last month, according to Sheen’s petition. “Sheen asked Walsh to return the watch, and when Walsh refused and falsely denied that she had taken the watch, Sheen became extremely upset,” the suit said. “Walsh then locked herself in the bathroom of the hotel room and refused to come out.” The lawsuit says that “At no time did Sheen assault, batter or threaten Walsh.”

Well there are two lessons to be learned from this story. 1, never trust a hooker and 2, haven’t you bitches learned not to mess with Charlie fucking Sheen?? Yeah, the same guy who ‘accidentally’ shot her ex-wife Kelly Preston in the leg. I’m just sayin’!

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Date Posted: November 16, 2010 - 12:58 am by: Paris
Categories: Emma Watson

The British young hottie named Emma Watson who stars in Harry Potter movies as Hermione Granger doesn’t have any problems fitting in her new second home, the US where she’s currently trying to finish her major. Everybody loves Emma, well, maybe a little too much. Reports say there are photos of Emma Watson topless in the bathroom being circulated around campus via email and she is not amused at all. Via New York Daily News:

“Topless photos of the 20-year-old actress, who plays Hermione Granger in the successful film franchise, are making the rounds among students via e-mail, according to the Daily Mail. The photos in question allegedly show the actress wearing only a towel around her waist standing next to a hot tub.

“Emma is trying to seek out the source so she can put a stop to it,” a friend told the paper. “She says the picture has been faked.”

Now don’t get me wrong, as much as I got the hots for Emma Watson, I’m totally not aching for the fake photos. It’s obvious someone as classy as her won’t be posing naked in a bathroom. I would imagine she’d do it in a bed of gold coins or in a room of elegant and expensive china ware. That being said, don’t mess with my fantasy!

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Date Posted: November 12, 2010 - 12:58 am by: Paris
Categories: Demi Lovato

So you all know Demi Lovato’s meltdown just a few days ago, right? Well there’s more to it, and this time it comes on video! Yep. Apparently, Demi Lovato was partying a week before she checked her ass in rehab and since we’re talking about a self-cutter with daddy issues who’s got a knack for the bad shit, she decided it would be the best time to dive nose-deep in coke. Lucky for us, someone videotaped the whole thing. That’s right, there’s a Demi Lovato coccaine hoovering tape! Via Radar:

“It is the video that will rock Disney and one of its biggest stars and if released publicly, will stun millions of fans around the world. In the footage, Lovato can be seen expertly hoovering the drug up her nose through a rolled up note, according to the amateur cameraman who captured the shameful images.”

Wow. At this rate, Demi Lovato is making Lindsay Lohan look so prim and proper. Now since we’re at the subject of leaked tapes, I’m just playing the waiting game for her naked video to come out. I’m sure some basement nerd has one in his basement somewhere.

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Date Posted: October 15, 2010 - 12:41 am by: Paris
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Despite what you think that Kanye West has a big ego but no balls, sources are reporting that he does indeed have a peen and the said peen has been circulating around the internet. Apparently, when Gayfish’s douchebaggery wasn’t as big as the roids in his ass, he crawls infront of his computer and send pictures of his peen to girls on his Myspace. Via Radar:

“One image shows a nude Kanye from the chest up, wearing sunglasses and a gold chain, while the second photo shows the singer’s genitals provocatively exposed from his boxer briefs.

“These pics have been floating around since he hit so many girls up on MySpace,” according to the source of the images. “He probably sent them to many, many women.”

Is anyone buying this shit? Well I’d say any pathetic news about Gayfish is most likely correct. The only part I don’t believe is that he sent his peen shots to girls. Other than that, yeah that’s typical Kanye West for you.

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Date Posted: August 23, 2010 - 12:57 am by: Paris
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Remember those vintage Angelina Jolie bdsm pics that were leaked a month ago? Well Jennifer Aniston can throw a slumber party with her ken doll named Brad because there’s more from where that shit came from. From the unauthorized biography by Andrew Morton not only does these pics show Angelina Jolie on the bed with a criss-cross black tape covering her nipples, you get to see a piece of her ass in a thong!

I’m not sure what fuckery went down in these pics or more importantly who tooks these shots but unless someone steps his foot forward and own responsibility, I’m gonna go ahead and think that Jennifer Aniston traveled back a few years ago in a time machine, put on a wig and a moustache and sweet talked Angelina Jolie into this with her knife collection story. What? You got somethin’ better?

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Date Posted: August 9, 2010 - 12:45 am by: Paris

Sure we all know gay people are a threat to the society in their own way but some are just creepier and more sex-crazed than others. So who cares if the horny twink got his face almost got erased from this world by a rabid tiger 7 years ago? Apparently that won’t stop his pervy hands from groping an employee.  Heck, nothing won’t! Siegfried and Roy’s former employee ran and cried to The National Enquirer telling everybody he was attacked by a rabid beast with rapey hands who goes by the name of Roy Horn. Raul, fine I just made up the name but he sounds like a Raul so let’s just call him that, claims that he was sexually harassed by Roy for 2 years since the time he started working there in May of 2008. Raul said that he’s already started to file a civil suit at Roy and elaborated the details on how Roy Horny sexually attacked him like a hyena in mating season.

Raul said that he has made clear to both Siegfried and Roy that he doesn’t roll like that when they first showed sexual advances towards him but he went on to say, “Siegfried backed off when I made it plain that I was straight and not interested, but Roy did not”, also adding that Roy’s unwanted illegal sex shit got worse and frequent that he ‘felt degraded and abused’.  So Raul thought it would be cool if he would record that shit and use it for evidence against him. Seen here in the screenshot is Roy putting an employee in a headlock with one arm while forcing him to his crotch. On another shot, Roy gropes the employee freely like he was taking a stroll at a fruit market. I don’t know, something in the milk ain’t clean. Raul is saying he’s worked there for two years and during that time has been harassed a shit ton of times but he never  quit? How is he related to the Russian baby mama Oksana? I’m not a twink advocate but I’m just saying, if you don’t like your boss fondling your bits, quit. Otherwise shut up and take the check. That’s what I say to my secretary.

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