Date Posted: September 27, 2009 - 12:47 pm by: Paris
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I remember the time when Jessica Alba was the hottest commodity in Hollywood. Yes, that was before I came to know Megan Fox. And Cheryl Cole. And Miranda Kerr. And Bar Refaeli. So there, before this list goes on until infinity, let’s all go back to the time when Jessica Alba was at her hottest. (Drool.)

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Date Posted: January 16, 2009 - 7:44 am by: Bashcab
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You would too if you have the financial stability to use a $2,350 Prada bag as your gym bag. No wonder Hilary Duff is looking quite cheerful in this set. Yeah, she’s looking good. Check out the rest of the pics below.

Date Posted: January 14, 2009 - 8:53 am by: Bashcab
Categories: Nicky Hilton

Here is Paris’ (tame?) sister Nicky Hilton walking around Hollywood and talking on her mobile in shorts and sexy heels. She’s no Amanda Bynes but she’s not bad. At least she’s way better than Paris IMHO. True, Paris is better-looking (if that’s possible), sexier, naughtier, and all the dirty adjectives you can think of. Looking at Nicky is like looking at a cleaner, more refined version of her slut sister.

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Date Posted: January 14, 2009 - 8:46 am by: Bashcab
Categories: Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes is looking super-sexy in these candid pictures taken of her while strolling in Hollywood. Aside from the sexy shorts, she’s wearing a skimpy and lacey tank top. Just quit teasing us Amanda and get naked already. Yeah, we all know you’re hot as hell but the true measure of sexiness in a lady is when you get buck naked and pose in front of a camera. Nobody told you that? Anyway, that outfit just screams “F*ck me!” and I bet you knew that all along.

More sexy Amanda Bynes pics inside!

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Date Posted: January 14, 2009 - 8:27 am by: Bashcab
Categories: Salma Hayek

Speaking of breasts, Salma Hayek has got a great pair. The Latina MILF took her busty self to David Letterman’s show last night showing off her voluptuous figure in a tight dress. No wonder her fans went wild when she appeared backstage for the traditional autograph signing. Always expect Salma to dress with the intention of showing off that impressive cleavage which in my opinion ranks up there with Hollywood’s hottest. Check out more pics in the gallery below.

At this point, I want to offer you a better look at Salma Hayek’s breasts. Just check out the link. I’m sure you’ll be delighted looking at her breasts. I know I did.

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Date Posted: January 12, 2009 - 2:03 am by: Bashcab
Categories: Odette Yustman

I don’t need a reason to post these pictures of Odette Yustman. She’s simply gorgeous. This statuesque babe still hasn’t attained full Hollywood stardom but I just know that she will reach it in the next couple of years barring any career mishaps. In an industry that values good looks above anything else, Odette is already miles ahead of her peers. She could do a little better with her choice of movie roles though. I heard that The Unborn sucks. Anyway, I’d rather look at her in pictures where she won’t do any harm other than look absolutely stunning than watch her in some ripoff horror movie.

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Date Posted: January 12, 2009 - 12:05 am by: Bashcab

Hollywood’s hottest celebrities attend the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel last night. Here are some pictures taken during the red carpet arrivals of the beautiful celebs. Included are my favorites Megan Fox, Kate Beckinsale and Angelina Jolie as well as new favorite celeb Olivia Wilde, MILF Brooke Burke, hottie Anne Hathaway, barely legal Miley Cyrus, busty Salma Hayek, sweetie Vanessa Hudgens, sultry Eva Longoria-Parker, gorgeous Demi Moore, sexy Penelope Cruz and blonde beauty Elizabeth Banks. Enjoy the pics.

Check out Hollywood’s hottest celebs here!

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Date Posted: January 9, 2009 - 5:45 am by: Bashcab
Categories: Amanda Bynes

I mean, wow, look at that body. What are they feeding the young Hollywood stars these days? Amanda Bynes is seriously sexy in this tight dress she wore at the 14th VH1 Annual Critic’s Choice Awards last night. Her legs are old news – we all knows she’s got nice stems. Take a nice, long look at her cleavage and hips. Man, I believe she’s the hottest chick to attend the Awards last night. Amanda should dress up like this more often.

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Date Posted: January 3, 2009 - 2:13 am by: Bashcab
Categories: Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is the featured celebrity for Latina mag’s December 2008 / January 2009 issue. She’s the perfect choice for the magazine’s cover in my opinion. Who else can be more appropriate to welcome the new year than this very beautiful and successful Latina actress? Check out this stupendously hot shoot for Latina mag featuring none other than Eva Mendes.

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Date Posted: December 23, 2008 - 4:09 am by: Bashcab
Categories: Angelina Jolie

Supreme Hollywood MILF Angelina Jolie is hotness personified in the January 2009 issue of Cosmopolitan Germany. True, this cover is Photoshopped extensively but still, you can’t deny the fact that Angelina’s hot on it. To tell the truth, she’s been looking really good lately, due to a strict diet and Pilates. She said that she disciplines herself to follow her strict regimen of diet and exercise. How she balances that with taking care of six children is beyond me.

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