Date Posted: September 8, 2010 - 12:48 am by: Paris
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Well this gets interesting. Inception star Leonardo DiCaprio apparently has a stalker who thinks she’s his wife and that she is pregnant with his child she named Jesus. According to Leo, his stalker, Livia Bistriceanu, has repeatedly tried to reach him through a shitload of emails and has even attempted to visit him in person.

In the legal documents, Leo’s lawyer submitted a creepy, handwritten letter from Bistriceanu, in which she says, “You wrote to me 2 years ago that you love me and you don’t love another women (sic). You said I talk to you soon and it past 2 years already and still you don’t want to talk to me. Why?”

In another letter, Bistriceanu writes, “Do you want to be with me for real and to be the father of Jesus? I’ve explained you I can’t be with nobody virtually. I have to have a father in reality for Jesus not like this.”
And in yet another letter, Bistriceanu writes, “Why do you f*k me virtually and you don’t leave me alone?”

DiCaprio also notes that Bistriceanu knows where he lives and has shown “a willingness to make physical contact with me regardless of the consequences.”

The L.A. County Superior Court has granted the restraining order from the alleged stalker, ordering her to stay atleast 100 yards away from Leo. Wow. Well this chick sounds exactly like the girl I talk to in Second Life except that I did fuck her virtually but I never called back.

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Date Posted: July 30, 2010 - 2:35 am by: Paris

Hollywood’s A-list star and Bar Rafaeli’s long-time boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio, apparently doesn’t want to do shit with Mel Gibson because he reportedly pulled himself out of the Mel Gibson-directed Viking movie. With Inception still #1 at the box office, I don’t think Leo is stupid enough to throw the rising success down the drain to be involved in alleged wife-beater/racist mongrel.

RadarOnline reports:

“Not a chance,” said a source, close to the Inception star, when asked if he was still planning to star in Gibson’s next project.
A source close to DiCaprio said the star, who is currently basking in the release of his wildly acclaimed box-office topping movie Inception, did not want to risk his reputation, with being associated with Mel.

“Leo has earned the right to pick and choose who he works with and Mel Gibson is not one of them,” the source added.

Whatever happened to that movie Mel Gibson is starring in about a beaver? Don’t tell me the beaver pulled out of that mess too? It makes sense though. The beaver doesn’t give a dam about that rabid beast no more. You got my joke? Beaver don’t give a dam? High five!

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Date Posted: February 23, 2010 - 2:30 am by: Paris
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Sports Illustrated babe and Leo DiCaprio’s on-and-off girlfriend, Bar Refaeli was vacationing in Mexico with a bunch of hot girls but you can’t deny that she is the hottest among them. Well, with that perfect curves in a bikini, you just couldn’t go wrong with Bar Refaeli. (Oh, that rhymes!)

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Date Posted: January 31, 2010 - 1:30 am by: Paris
Categories: Bar Refaeli

Sports Illustrated favorite cover model and Leonardo DiCaprio’s on-and-off girlfriend, Bar Refaeli is the new face of Rampage since July of last year, replacing Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. For the brand’s Spring 2010 campaign, Bar posed in sexy bikinis and lingeries. Now this is always how I want to start my day, with Bar’s hot body right on my face, I mean, on my screen.

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Date Posted: April 16, 2009 - 1:52 am by: coffeeboy
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Okay, I’m just trying to stir the pot here. Since I don’t really know when exactly these pics of Bar Refaeli in a bikini on a yacht with a dude that’s definitely not her superstar boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio, I’m free to make the statement above. But if indeed these are recent pictures, well then Lucy! Choo got some ’splainin to doo! I’m sure though that these are not recent. I mean, I don’t think Bar is that daft, cheating on a superstar with some loser. But then again, he does have a yacht…

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