Date Posted: May 12, 2010 - 3:21 am by: Paris
Categories: Amanda Seyfried

I have heard of crazy-ass unconventional names before in Hollywood. I mean, Bronx Mowgli? Yeah, ‘nuff said. Makes one think, ‘what the hell are their parents on and who do we sleep around with to get it’? Oh okay, that one just might be me but anyway let’s not get sidetracked here. Nicknames are terms of endearment and sometimes it holds a significant history to the owner…

but this is just plain ridiculous! I’m talking about Amanda Seyfried’s pet name. Unlike most people, when someone calls you a ‘punani’, you take it as a really bad insult. Well, not Amanda. Oh no…she loves it so much that she had ‘minge’, which means vagina in British ghetto lingo, tattooed on her foot, of all places! The Mama Mia! blonde star was on Chelsea Lately show last night and here’s what she said when asked about this big bowl of WTF:

Amanda said, “It means vagina and kind of proud of it. It’s my nickname. You can’t see it, but it’s called Minge and it’s slang in England. It has something to do with your pubic hair in the dictionary.”

It doesn’t exactly say how she got her nickname but if you happen to see Amanda Seyfried, you should accidentally trip face flat on the floor infront of her and smell her foot. If it smells like minge, then you’re our hero!

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