Date Posted: May 18, 2010 - 2:38 am by: Paris
Categories: Rima Fakih

Gee, that was fast!

Because someone’s past almost always worms it’s way back to the present in times when it freakin’ shouldn’t, Miss Usa 2010 Rima Fakih’s video of her grinding that booty in a poledancing contest has flown it’s way into the hands of some pageant officials.

RadarOnline reports:

Mojo said that when the pageant spokesperson called his station, “They were not happy about the photos. They don’t want this out there. I asked if something was wrong and they told me they couldn’t comment on that and just needed to make a determination.
“Rima’s a good girl. She was so incredible at the event and we don’t think it should be a reflection of her Miss USA title,” Mojo continued. “There are doctors and lawyers that are a part of those events we do, so we don’t think the pageant should look at this in a negative way.”

Well, the only negative way I think about this non-issue is that it’s freaking boring. Yawn…wake me up when you’ve finally found a lesbian sex tape of her or something worthy of my attention.

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