Date Posted: January 11, 2010 - 10:13 pm by: Paris
Categories: Katy Perry

Katy Perry flashes, not her undies, but her big rock of a ring as proof of her engagement with English funny man Russell Brand as the couple arrive in LA last January 10.

Rumors have been circulating around that Katy’s engagement was brought about by a bigger deal of a news–pregnancy. Katy have been tweeting, “Let me tell you 2010 is BUMPIN!” and “I heard ur prego-ed,” as a joke to her fiance. Could these be clues about the pop star’s condition?

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Date Posted: January 11, 2010 - 10:01 pm by: Paris
Categories: Ke$ha

Up and coming pop star Ke$ha, the culprit behind the catchy song Tik Tok, admits to being bisexual in a recent interview with Out magazine. She said, “I like people, I wouldn’t say I’m gay or straight,” and that she doesn’t like “labeling anything.

Interesting. I don’t know who started this new fad, but seems like everybody’s going bisexual these days. So does these mean, everybody’s open to doing a threeway too?

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Date Posted: June 30, 2009 - 12:02 am by: coffeeboy
Categories: Lady Gaga

Never to disappoint when it comes to being an attention-whore, Lady Gaga came out with another one of her crazy outfits complete with a hair-covered giant button on her head that looks kinda like and unbaked pizza. I guess she really does need all that outrageousness to cover her fave which looks scary without all those accoutrements. But say what you will about this crazy pop star, she’s one of the most exciting ones to come out of the music scene in years. The bad outfits and fame-whoring is all part of that clever ruse to get us to listen to her music. And thought it pains me immensely to say this – it worked on me.

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Date Posted: December 26, 2008 - 2:45 am by: Bashcab
Categories: Mariah Carey

Pop superstar Mariah Carey went to Aspen with her husband, dog and cleavage for some holiday shopping. Dressed in a matching red jacket and boots, the diva managed to show off her cleavage despite being bundled up heavily against the cold weather. Who else but Mariah will do such a thing? Notice her dog looks absolutely miserable in the cold. She should have put her dog between her breasts and kept him warm and happy all night long.

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Date Posted: November 4, 2008 - 4:30 am by: Bashcab
Categories: Britney Spears

Britney Spears is set to promote her new album on British television’s The X Factor hosted by American Idol’s Simon Cowell, reportedly a fan of the resurgent pop star.  According to the The Daily Mail:

The star will be singing her new record Womaniser on the show later this month, because Simon Cowell is a fan.
He said:”I’m really excited about it, because she has got her act together and the new record is terrific.  She has come back from a very dark place and is a terrific artist.”

Well, I’ve never been a fan of Britney except when she decides to go out and be photographed minus her underwear.  Even then, I think twice before looking at her upskirt pictures because what I see might scare the hell out of me.  Anyway, you can always check out her upskirt pictures here or her stolen sex tape here.

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