Date Posted: December 20, 2010 - 1:06 am by: Paris
Categories: Demi Lovato

Well…well…well…have you heard of this? Some nosy bitches are saying that there’s a Demi Lovato sextape waiting to be unleashed but since it hasn’t crossed our retinas yet, Pornhub is jumpin in on the action and is now offering Demi a heaping sum of money to star in a porn film. They even sound considerate enough to let her choose her own genre. I don’t see why she’d turn down this lucrative and flexible offer. Via TMZ:

“TMZ has obtained a letter from the folks at, offering Demi chance to be featured on their site. The company is obviously excited (no pun intended) at the idea of a Demi sex tape — even though her people say the rumors are “disgusting.”

Pornhub is offering Demi $100,000 for the tape — even offering her the caveat that, “You don’t have to star with male talent, we are willing to accept a solo or Girl-Girl scene just as long as it’s shot in HD.”

Based on Demi’s history, I think she would fit better in the s&m category, since she has skills in popping a snitch in the face. It’s a good idea to release all that hate and anger inside her into this porn flick. Better than rehab i say!

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Date Posted: September 15, 2010 - 1:01 am by: Paris
Categories: Karissa Shannon

Since it looks like the Karissa Shannon and Heidi Montag sextape won’t ever see the light of day, the smokin’ hot blonde Playboy Playmate pulled another fame card out of her punani. This time, Vivid is saying that there’s a Karissa Shannon sextape and it’s the most extreme thing everrrrrrrrrrrr.

Vivid Entertainment has their hands on the Karissa tape she made with boyfriend Sam Jones III. When we caught up with Vivid honcho Steven Hirsch outside STK last night, he told us the Karissa tape was “definitely the most extreme video that I’ve ever seen, as a celebrity tape. There’s everything you can imagine — whips, chains, handcuffs. It’s absolutely crazy.”

Well, not so fast there sport. Reports are saying Karissa is talking to her lawyers and is trying to block the release of the tape. Shauna Sand did it. Kendra Wilson did it. Ofcourse this bitch is doing it too. You know, since it’s the SOP.

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Date Posted: August 27, 2010 - 12:40 am by: Paris
Categories: Heidi Montag

Shortly after the news came out over the alleged Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt sextape, some sources are farting out this juicy detail that a Heidi Montag-Karissa Shannon sextape is just waiting to be unleashed from the fires of hell. Reports say that Spencer Twatt found the lesbian sex romp on video when he was moving out his things from their Malibu home.

Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon is queefing that the said sextape does exist but she doubts Twat has got his filthy hands on it, but if he happens to have it and sells it for dick money, she’ll sue the hell outta him. Well if this shit is true, this is more I like it! I don’t need to sit my ass awkwardly infront of a sextape that has the mighty douchebag’s tiny pecker in it, though I’m pretty sure Vivid would pixelize it. What’s that you say? Yeaah asian porn-style, exactly!

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Date Posted: August 9, 2010 - 12:45 am by: Paris

Sure we all know gay people are a threat to the society in their own way but some are just creepier and more sex-crazed than others. So who cares if the horny twink got his face almost got erased from this world by a rabid tiger 7 years ago? Apparently that won’t stop his pervy hands from groping an employee.  Heck, nothing won’t! Siegfried and Roy’s former employee ran and cried to The National Enquirer telling everybody he was attacked by a rabid beast with rapey hands who goes by the name of Roy Horn. Raul, fine I just made up the name but he sounds like a Raul so let’s just call him that, claims that he was sexually harassed by Roy for 2 years since the time he started working there in May of 2008. Raul said that he’s already started to file a civil suit at Roy and elaborated the details on how Roy Horny sexually attacked him like a hyena in mating season.

Raul said that he has made clear to both Siegfried and Roy that he doesn’t roll like that when they first showed sexual advances towards him but he went on to say, “Siegfried backed off when I made it plain that I was straight and not interested, but Roy did not”, also adding that Roy’s unwanted illegal sex shit got worse and frequent that he ‘felt degraded and abused’.  So Raul thought it would be cool if he would record that shit and use it for evidence against him. Seen here in the screenshot is Roy putting an employee in a headlock with one arm while forcing him to his crotch. On another shot, Roy gropes the employee freely like he was taking a stroll at a fruit market. I don’t know, something in the milk ain’t clean. Raul is saying he’s worked there for two years and during that time has been harassed a shit ton of times but he never  quit? How is he related to the Russian baby mama Oksana? I’m not a twink advocate but I’m just saying, if you don’t like your boss fondling your bits, quit. Otherwise shut up and take the check. That’s what I say to my secretary.

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