Date Posted: February 4, 2009 - 3:29 am by: coffeeboy
Categories: Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift

A double dose of far-from-legal hotties for you now. Tween queens Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus joke around, cozying up to each other. You’re mind is probably on overdrive right now. I know these pictures aren’t anywhere near the ones in your head, but hey, they haven’t started arresting people for thinking yet, right? If you wanna do more that think, you can check out some Taylor Swift naughtiness and Miley Cyrus sexiness if you so desire.

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Date Posted: January 20, 2009 - 6:08 am by: Bashcab
Categories: Selena Gomez

…a lollipop! Okay, okay, get your mind out of the gutter. This Disney star isn’t even legal! Yet… Either way, I have no control over what you guys think, but feel free to check out these shots of Selena Gomez and let your mind wander into felony territory.

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