Date Posted: June 30, 2009 - 10:12 pm by: coffeeboy
Categories: Lily Allen

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan isn’t the only wannabe singer who wants to collaborate with British pop wild child Lily Allen. According to the site Digital Spy, former supermodel Kate Moss has been trying to break into the music industry for quite some time now (reason perhaps why she keeps dating musicians?) and thinks Lily will be her ticket to music stardom. While the idea seems as fail-worthy as Megan Fox starring in a remake of Monster’s Ball, it may finally give Kate the disastrous results she needs to wake her up from her coke-induced hallucinations. I for one would like to see this far-from-hot mess happen.

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Date Posted: April 4, 2009 - 1:55 pm by: coffeeboy
Categories: Adriana Lima

There are few sights in this world that one could truly call beautiful. A cloudless sunset. A laughing baby. A clear rainbow. And Adriana Lima’s ass framed in tight black leather pants. The Victoria’s Secret angel is currently in the middle of planning a big wedding that may or may not happen in  June of this year. She had a small, private wedding to Serbian basketball player Marko Jarić last Valentine’s Day. No word yet if the big wedding is really poushing though. But if it does, I definitely wanna attend that. Imagine, a bunch of hot, drunk VS model bridesmaids just littering the reception. Heaven.

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Date Posted: March 20, 2009 - 1:20 am by: coffeeboy
Categories: Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth hits the town looking sexy and single after breaking up with musician/model boyfriend James Rousseau a few days ago. Might as well, since Kate’s keeping busy with upcoming projects, one of which she wrote herself. The film Lost Girls and Love Hotels is a sex-and-drugs tour de force for Kate which she co-wrote with director Nadia Conners and will star in. Maybe she’s gunning for an Oscar by doing something risque. About time! Uglying it up worked well for Charlize Theron so go for it Kate!

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Date Posted: February 19, 2009 - 1:27 am by: coffeeboy
Categories: Katy Perry

Katy Perry has just won the Best International Solo Artist at the Brit Awards recently and was so excited by the win she ended up puking all over the place. Okay, so maybe she didn’t do it on stage, but still it must’ve been pretty embarrassing for her to do something like that. I wonder if Lionel Richie, the one who presented her with the award, took it personally. Either way, congratz Katy!

See the sexy red carpet pics here!

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Date Posted: January 9, 2009 - 7:42 am by: Bashcab
Categories: Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet waves to fans and photographers when she arrived at The Late Show With David Letterman. The star signed autographs for ecstatic fans while waiting for her turn on Letterman’s show and…wait. That’s her ass. In skintight pants. Pretty nice if I may say so. And those f*ck me boots are killer as well. Kate’s looking pretty fine in these candids. Check out the whole set below.

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Date Posted: December 13, 2008 - 1:56 am by: Bashcab
Categories: Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff was spotted out and about in Los Angeles dressed (drably) in gray but showing off that sexy butt of hers. Hilary is one of those celebs who can look really great one day but not the next. I can’t decide if these pictures are hot or not. If not for the butt shot I’d put them in the Not Hot category. She’s no Kate Beckinsale that’s for sure. Anyways, check out the rest of her pictures below.

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